• Bubba's Fine Diner wanted to give this San Anselmo fixture a hip, new spin. arnot..interactive was the perfect company to give their website a hip rennovation, as well!
  • The original photography was shot by Jacqui Arnot. Being able to shoot the photographs with the web pages in mind unifies the site while cutting back on cost and production time.
  • Under development now: Bubba's Fine Diner "To Go" Menu. Check back soon!
  • Publishers Weekly, the 138-year-old print publication, came under new ownership on April 5th, 2010. arnot..interactive was contracted to design the CMS theme and increase usability.
  • arnot..interactive worked together with Scribd to carry the Publishers Weekly brand over to their site. 2010.
  • This series of animated banner ads was created to promote the Publishers Weekly E-newsletters. 2010.
  • From 1998-2004 Jacqui Arnot was Creative Director in charge of front-end design and development of Irchannel.com at Thomson Financial's Institutional Division.
  • Irchannel.com on Thomson's proprietary platform pulled information from multiple databases. Front-end design and development. 1998-2004.
  • Irchannel.com's Institutional Overview. Front-end design and development. 1998-2004.
  • arnot..interactive was responsible for visual design, (x)html, css and seo on this portfolio site for award winning author Guy Lawson. 2010.
  • Guy Lawson's articles for GQ magazine. Visual design, (x)html, css and seo. 2010.
  • Guy Lawson's bio page. Visual design, html, css and seo. 2010.
arnot..interactive is a web design studio offering design and full implementation. Let us guide you in creating your online persona simply, effectively and beautifully.
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